We solve real-life problems with AI

We are a group of young and enthusiastic professionals working with cutting edge technologies to implement AI to ease various real-life predicaments in multiple industries.

Our Team



Abhishek Kripal

He is like a deep neural network, learning by mistakes, brute-forcing possibilities to get the solution he's seeking. He is a researcher by heart and a Fitness freak.



Vinay Khobragade

He is an AI Researcher and Full Stack Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the Open Source Industry. He is skilled in various latest technologies and tech stacks.


Tech Lead

Kuldeep Pisda

He is an engineer from a profession; he is a full-stack developer, loves to code most of the day. When not coding, he reads a book or watches some sci-fi.


Tech Lead

Siddharth Shah

He is a passionate developer and AI researcher. He loves working with computer vision technologies, and you may make him do anything for Pizza.

Why should you work with us?

We bring innovative solutions to your eminent business needs using the power of Artificial Intelligence. Customer centricity is what we believe in. We understand your needs and our mission is to empower you with leveraged productivity and scalability.


Exceed clients’ and colleagues’ expectations

Not just meeting the expectations but we aim at exceeding it. We try to achieve excellent communication with our clients hence fully understanding their needs and expectations.


Take ownership and question the status quo in a constructive manner

Challenging the status quo is something that brings out the best from within oneself. We at CodeVector Labs, appreciate all perspectives, and embrace the challenges.


Be brave, curious and experiment – learn from all successes and failures

We believe in the power of taking risks and experimenting, as the learning that we derive from failures is incontrovertible. It’s the curiosity that drives us.


Act in a way that makes all of us proud

Being accountable for our actions and having a firm belief in our motto is what keeps us going and makes us stand apart. Making our clients satisfied is our sole motive.


Build a transparent and responsible culture

Culture doesn't happen by chance, we need to create it. We need to strive daily to make it happen, taking full responsibility for the results. We ensure that throughout the process.


Recognize excellence and engagement

We feel responsible for identifying excellence and knowing the value of hard-earned respect and constructive feedback.

Need a successful project?

We understand the problem first, analyze, and then deliver the product that suits requirements, the best. Writing code is the natural part, but understanding and solving a real-life problem is fun.

We develop solutions, keeping scaling in mind since the beginning. We have made a quote, make once and scale forever, and we mean it.