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We use AI to boost your business model and help you scale exponentially.

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We offer business-centric AI-powered solutions to startups and enterprises, helping them grow their revenue, improve customer experiences, and optimize operations.

Analytics & Insights Engine

Get the AI advantage with Insights in human-centric ways to see invisible data and boost your revenue with top-performing strategies.

Automation and AI in Business Processes

Get rid of most mundane tasks with AI to complement human labor and automatically scale your business models.

Natural Learning Processing

Powering up customer services and interactions through voice-enabled AI and conversational intelligence technologies.

AI Enabled Softwares

Looking for e-commerce with a recommendation system or looking for a bot enabled with AI, capable of doing any specific task for you and your clients. Add AI in standard software and enhance it to make is a new standard.

Computer Vision Applications

From sports to safety to health, use computer vision to interpret and understand the visual world. We have made solutions from the sports domain to the OCR. Use Computer Vision to accelerate and enhance your business.

CCTV Analytics

Add the brain to the CCTV cameras. Plug and play solution for your DVRs, integrating and get multiple advanced solutions such as Facial Detection, Mask Detection, Crowd Detection with real-time monitoring and alerts.

Our Journey So Far

We develop solutions, keeping scaling in mind since the beginning. We have made a quote, make once and scale forever, and we mean it.






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Alone we can do so little;together we can do so much.

We are a group of young and enthusiastic professionals working with cutting edge technologies to implement AI to ease various real-life predicaments in multiple industries.

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AI in the 21st Century

You might think that there are such AI that may beat humans in many specific tasks, then why we say that we are still in the narrow AI. That is because that is narrow AI, that AI is capable of doing that specific job only.


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